Rules & Scoring

Game Modes


In Multiplier contests, you create a lineup by selecting players available in the Draft Group. Each player in the Draft Group is assigned a scoring Multiplier based on their value as determined by SuperDraft. You can draft any player within the lineup format with no restrictions.

For example, a player with a 1.5X multiplier will get all of their points earned in the contest multiplied by 1.5.

*FPP = Fantasy Player Points

Champion Mode

In Champion Mode contests, you create a five player lineup consisting of one Champion scoring an additional 50% of its multiplier value and 4 FLEX players. Each player in the Draft Group is assigned a scoring Multiplier based on their value as determined by SuperDraft.

Salary Cap

In Salary Cap contests, you are given a total salary cap of $80,000 to draft your lineup. Players are assigned a salary based on their value as determined by SuperDraft. Your job is to draft the best possible lineup for the contest you are entering.

Tip: Using the full salary cap doesn’t always guarantee the best lineup.

Lineup Edits

Editing lineups is allowed at any time leading up to the game. As soon as the team's game is scheduled to start, each player will become "locked." Players whose games have not started will be eligible to be swapped for another player who's game has not started.

Contest Entry

The Entry-Fee and Prize Pool for a contest will not change once the contest is created. There will be a maximum amount of total entries accepted for each contest. Whether or not a contest reaches its capacity before beginning, guaranteed contests will run. Non-guaranteed contests that do not reach capacity before the contest starts, will be canceled and refunded.

Scoring and Payouts

Live stats and scoring updates will be provided by STATS LLC while a contest is live. A contest is complete when all games in the Draft Group are final and we receive the final box score to all games. Delays in contest completion may occur due to stat collection and finalization. Contests will be paid out within 24 hours of the contest. On rare occasions, after a game has been completed official scorers can issue stat corrections. In this case, any official scoring changes occurring after a contest is finalized will not impact the standings of the contest.


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