Game Modes

Experience SuperDrafts innovative lineup of groundbreaking game modes.


Draft players based on their value with no restrictions.

Champion Mode

Draft your lineup around a Champion scoring an additional 50%.

Salary Cap

Remain under $80,000 cap to draft your lineup.


Contest Types

SuperDraft offers many different contest types to choose from.


Contests with 100+ entries for a chance to win big! Various payouts structures determined based on individual contests.

Head-to-Heads (H2H)

Compete against a single player in winner-take-all contest.


Play for a chance to win a multiple of your entry fee (Double-up, Triple-up, etc.).


Winning earns you free entry into a large tournament.

Beginners Only

New to SuperDraft? Play with beginners that are learning how to play just like you.


Contests without an entry fee, enjoy the free contests and practice your drafting skills!

Play. Rank Up. Get Reward.

SuperDraft has a unique user Sport Rank system designed for each sport to reward users for not only winning but playing regularly. The more you play, the quicker you rank up, the more reward points you earn. You can now compete on a level playing field with users of the same skill level and experience or take your chances against someone with a higher rank to earn greater rewards.

Experience Badges

Earn an experience badge when you hit the milestones below!


More than 500 contests entered, or $2,500 won across 6 contests or more

Highly Experienced

More than 1,000 contests enter, or $1,000 won in 4 contests or more